The KOCK Industriemontagen & Kraftwerkstechnik GmbH, as one of the first and most traditional temporary employment agencies in the field of industrial installations and power plants, envisages the highest quality standards and precision of its employees.

Thus our staff is often seen as the spearhead for our client project developments – thus our staff demand profiles are carefully chosen in accordance to the various professional fields.

We pride ourselves that, employees of KOCK Industriemontagen & Kraftwerkstechnik GmbH are among the best trained professionals in the industry, as can be seen through the richness of customer demand for our personnel.

The willingness and flexibility to practice their skills in domestic and foreign markets is a fundamental property of our employees, as our customers demand a high standard of temporary personnel with a global outlook. Hence the quality and effectiveness of our staff is a unique industry wide characteristic, which has in combination with our values and traditions, been enhanced our performance and cooperation over decades.

The KOCK Industriemontagen & Kraftwerkstechnik GmbH personnel demonstrates a strong track record in taking on the most challenging clientele projects developments in the industry. It is therefore natural that we and our customers have the highest standards in regards to our employees.
Employees of the KOCK Industriemontagen & Kraftwerkstechnik GmbH can rightly count themselves among the best in their profession. The opportunities for advancement within our company are well known and highly valued within the industry. The desire for advancement and training is seen as a prerequisite for an effective cooperation within our organization.

For over 40 years, KOCK Industriemontagen & Kraftwerkstechnik GmbH has known to be a reliable employer that offers solid employment opportunities. Therefore we are keen to ensure a long-term sustainable employment to cherish our cooperative unique culture.

Overview of our unsolicited applications

Turbine Fitter
Construction Manager
Sichtpr├╝fer VT1 + VT 2
Upper Fitter
Welding Engineer
Specialist For Occupational Safety (VBG 122)
Welding Specialist (EWS)
Boiler Fitter
Qualified Fitter


Industriemontagen & Kraftwerkstechnik GmbH
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Tel: + 49 (0)30 8827337 | Fax: + 49 (0)30 8837415

24h Emergency-Number: + 49 (0)172-3207239
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The membership of KOCK Industriemontagen & Kraftwerkstechnik GmbH in the German Association of Temporary Employment Agencies (IGZ e.V.), complies with the market conform collective bargaining and policy application requirements.

The German Association of Temporary Employment Agencies (iGZ e.V.) as the advocate of more than 2000 small and medium personnel enterprises is actively involved in the development of the parameters in the temporary staffing industry. Thus it is in our and your interest as employees of KOCK Industriemontagen & Kraftwerkstechnik GmbH, to jointly set and deliver tokens of flexibility, quality and good standards. To thereby protect and preserve us our organizational operations form price dumping competition that could increment part time employment.

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